Evrotas events


At Evrotas we like to do our own thing. Our events are small yet every bit as good as the big guys, without the constraints that must come with large scale events.  We are runners and if we don't love it ourselves we wouldn't do it.


We have 2 major events each year:


Holy Island Marathon May 16TH 2020.  A unique running experience with only 26 places starting in Scotland and ending on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne. Looking forward to year 4 and returning to the Borders for our annual weekend away.

In our Fourth year we are changing our very popular medal an are introducing a new look and feel to the race...We hope you like it.  


Evrotas Welsh Ultra This year is our 5th year running in Wales we have turned the 2 day course into a 70k Ultra. Challenging enough with both the Black Mountains and the Breacon Beacons.The race motto is Araf deg mae mynd ymhell perfect for an ultra run, The translation from its native Welsh being "Go slowly and go far" not one for the feint of heart. 

The Poppy run ends the year, For year 3 we continue or journey of remembrance and focus this year on the memorials of London..Lest we forget!