Jeremy Nelson


UK Athletics  Running Coach

England Athletics Endurance Event Group Coach 

UK Athletics Race Director

IV PARA PTI Training team 


London District Army training team

Be Fearsome Running Coach/Instructor 

Kettlebell instructor

UKA run leader

Ultra and marathon runner

EVROTAS came about as an alternative to traditional running clubs. Having been a club runner for many years I wanted to do something else, this was not a rejection of the grass roots clubs or what they do I had just moved on.


With a firm grounding in marathon and ultra running, Military fitness and undying enthusiasm for an active lifestyle we started a journey that pulled all the above elements into our club. We work hard on conditioning and mental toughness as well as the often maligned but every necessary basic running drills. 

With Evrotas I have achieved a unique combination of hard work, fun, and some small but great events. Our runs are often challenging but never boring. Evrotas training is hard. It  is a concept we embrace in our sessions and our motto - Normalising Hard.

You can join to improve, get over a plateau or come with us on our running adventure. Wherever you are at in your training or life we can help you on your way.

And you will probably surprise yourself as well.

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